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  • TSP#10 Justin Beiber asks Gbanga for Dancing Advice September 30, 2015This episode of The Sexylicious Podcast features fans of the show such as Justin Beiber, Donald Trump, Lebron James and Scarlett Johansson asking Gbanga questions such as “how to get rich?”. Gbanga also explains his success in getting to the number 1 spot in society and culture as well as comedy and awesomeness as defined by […]
  • TSP#9 Gbanga reads the Quran September 23, 2015In this episode I attempt to convert my self to a new religion by reading the Quran on air while giving my thoughts.
  • TSP#8 Selena Gomez – Good for You Breakdown September 16, 2015In this episode I lyrically breakdown Selena Gomez’s new song Good for you as well as analyse her music career and where I think shes at as a person, as well as my usual shananigans
  • TSP Milestone Compilation: 1000 Downloads September 11, 2015Putting out a Little Compilation of some intros as a way to thank you guys for showing me all the love. I LOVE YOU TOO!! #acceptance #loveme #blueberries #hashtag
  • TSP#7 California on Nicole Arbour and Kim Davis Breakdown! September 10, 2015Hey guys! In this episode of The Sexylicious Podcast I breakdown the whole Nicole Arbour and Kim Davis situation. Expect fat shaming and religious nonsense to be included. SHOUT OUT TO MY PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA!!
  • TSP#6 The Day I was Kidnapped from Hospital September 3, 2015This is a special episode where I recount the day I was kidnapped from hospital when I was 8 years old. It’s a really fun, funny story that I wanted to put up as a way to say thank you to all the people that have blown up my podcast in the past 24 hours. […]
  • TSP Best of: 1-5 September 2, 2015Relive some of the MARVELIOUS and WONDERFUL adventures in this best of as I dissect Justin Bieber’s lyrics of what do you mean, make excuses for being a dopy mongaloid and channel my inner Billy Elliot. Have ALL the fun funny laughter, society and culture, comedy, medicine, Kim Kardashian, Kanye for president, #keywords #tags #hashtag […]
  • TSP#5 Justin Bieber Breakdown: What do you mean? August 31, 2015In this episode I breakdown the dynamics of the current pop culture music industry and how it pertains to artists like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Britany Spears and others. I break down the actual lyrics of Justin’s new song, What do you mean, in order to dissect the insanity of it all in this funny […]
  • TSP#4 Spiritual and Transsexual Enlightenment August 20, 2015Today Gbanga spoke about how to engineer a smart person, how Mozart became a genius and how best to become the transexual you always wanted to be. In this episode you can also expect to find a plethora of excuses as to why Gbanga has not uploaded or stuck to a consistant podcast structure in […]
  • TSP#3 Why Ronda Rousey is the Most Important Athlete of this Generation August 6, 2015In this episode I break down the effect Ronda Rousey has had after her latest win at UFC190. I go into why her sporting career is transcending the world of mixed martial arts and how its effecting the entire landscape of the media and the way women are viewed. It is an interesting funny podcast […]
  • TSP#2 Great White Gay Shark Attacks Etheopia August 2, 2015In this super funny hilarious comedy episode of The Sexylicious Podcast, I breakdown what exactly a great white shark is and why they are proof that God does not exist.
  • TSP#1 Donald Trump’s Holy Wig July 27, 2015Welcome to The Sexylicious Podcast! In this episode I talk about what a podcast is, why podcasts are the next iteration of evolution of entertainment.

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