FT#4 The Beautiful Art of Slapping: Nate vs Conor Revisited

How and why you should slap someone is a question philosophers have been trying to answer since philosophers got their job description (and honestly probably even a little before that)

Awesome episode of Fight talk where Nate Diaz and Conor McGreggor make short cameos due to their amazing fight recently at UFC196 where slapping was in full effect

Hope you enjoy the short episode

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TSP#19 How Holly Holm Dethroned Ronda Rousey at UFC193

How did Holly Holm do that to Ronda Rousey? Fluke? Luck? Divine Intervention?

It was actually a superbly executed gameplan that involved lateral movement supplemented with sublime left crosses.

In this episode I delve deep into the UFC193 card and give my thoughts on the best and worst performances of the night.

I go into the Joanna Jedrzejczyk co-main, Hall’s eyepokes and how the main event highlights the boxing mantra of “footwork over all”.

An amazing fight card and overall fantastic sport event.