Eminem vs Trump and Mark Hunt’s encounters with the Grim Reaper

We start off this episode talking about an interview Mark Hunt did 2 years ago detailed his experience with seeing death personified and move onto a full on break down of the Eminem “freestyle” on Trump.

Songs of the day = Kill you – Eminem, Wicked ways – Eminem

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TSP#55 Backstory and a Good Friday Cone

Chillin in empty uni car park talking some mad shananigans about where i am, how i got here and where i think im going.

Trying to give you an insight on my decision making and thought processes

hope you kitty kats enjoy

comedy, humor, society, culture, art, religion, spirituality, good friday, trump.

TSP#40 Fighting off Fictional Characters and Historical Figures

This episode is really funny…. like SUPER funny. i don’t wanna hype it up too much but….if you listen to it and your not totally prepared…. you might make poo poo in your pants.

you have been warned

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