FT#5 Defining the Perfect Fighter #letjesusbang

A short discussion on what a perfect fighter would look like/how he would behave in the ring. I try to answer some unasked questions pertaining to the hypothetical that is perfection inside the ring and why no one will ever get there.

i talk about the tendencies of Ronda Rousey, Conor McGreggor, Jon Jones, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather

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FT#4 The Beautiful Art of Slapping: Nate vs Conor Revisited

How and why you should slap someone is a question philosophers have been trying to answer since philosophers got their job description (and honestly probably even a little before that)

Awesome episode of Fight talk where Nate Diaz and Conor McGreggor make short cameos due to their amazing fight recently at UFC196 where slapping was in full effect

Hope you enjoy the short episode

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FT#3: Conor and Nate Make Love over Holly’s White Belt and Miesha’s Gold

UFC 196 erupted onto the scene last night and good golly gosh there is a lot to talk about.

I discuss how Nate Diaz bested Conor McGreggor, what Holly Holm’s loss to Miesha Tate means for Ronda Rousey and the future of mixed martial arts and UFC 200 in the wake of this event.